Friday, June 22, 2007

15 Things I'd Say to My High School Self

Lazy Man's dream inspired him to post Fifteen Things I’d Like To Say to High School Lazy Man. He had so many great points that I decided to run through the exercise myself.

15. Don’t max out that credit card when you’re 18. A $5,000 credit limit gets charged up a lot quicker than it gets paid off on a PFC’s salary.

14. Don’t stop by that girl’s house to pick her up for the DEP meeting. She won’t be there and the detour will expose you to a drunk driver who will hit you head-on.

13. Go out with your friends more often or else you’ll regret it later in life.

12. A better way to spend the money from your high school jobs would be to buy domain names. Buy as many as possible because they'll eventually make you a nice profit.

11. I know Amy O. appears to be out of your league; but she has a huge crush on you. Ask her out ASAP because otherwise all she’ll do is drop hints that go way over your head.

10. Try out for the football team, don’t say that you’re too small and end up waiting until the Marine Corps to discover that you’re actually pretty good at the game.

9. Ensure that Meka knows that driving while tired can have dire consequences and make her promise you that she won’t ever do it.

8. You can do a lot more in foreign countries than drinking and partying.

7. While you’re living in Hawaii, buy a motorcycle instead of that crappy car. It’s going to break down anyway and it will be a few years before you learn to ride if you don’t do it while you’re in Hawaii.

6. Don’t worry about what people in high school think about you because you won’t see more than a few of them afterwards. Besides, you’re better liked than you think. Most of them don’t even care that you’re poor.

5. Double-check your enlistment contract and point out to your recruiter that he “forgot” to put the Marine Corps College Fund in there. If you sign it before it’s in there you can kiss that benefit goodbye.

4. Demand that your mother introduces you to your biological father. All the leads will be dead ends if you wait too long.

3. You’ll fall in love with Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, don’t wait until your twenties to find good instructors.

2. While you're home on leave from boot camp buy a lotto ticket for The Big Game that covers November 26, 1999, with the numbers 17, 21, 22, 33, 38 and 34 as the special number.

1. You will have a beautiful daughter and a loving wife. Follow the previous bit of advice so that you can enjoy your time with them instead of always working.


Radio Engineering said...

Thanks for your service and your insightful comments. I share many of regrets and accomplishments.

Best to you!


Rion said...

I greatly enjoyed this. Thanks.