Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Revocation of Acceptance

This morning I called Auto King of Grand Rapids and informed them that I was revoking acceptance of the vehicle. The car in question is a 2005 Impala that is probably flood/water damaged. I let them know that they could call me to arrange pickup of the car as well as refunding my down payment.

Problems so far:

  • The radio was locked (while it was on the lot) he agreed to fix it; but I ended up having to take it to a Chevy dealer. It turned out that the radio wasn’t originally from that car (even though the dealer claimed that it was).
  • The wipers didn’t work. I called him about this the next day and he said to bring it in. I poked around a bit myself and discovered that the fuse had been pulled. After putting the fuse back in and turning the car on, the wipers went vertical and stayed that way. They wipe now; but their rest position is vertical.
Before I took it to him, I pulled the fuse and pushed the wipers down (just as they apparently did). He acted dumb when I got there; but his first suggestion was the fuse. He then suggested that I get a fuse from the dealer the next day (that was when I had the appointment for the radio at the Chevy dealer). I asked him if he had a fuse and he said no. They have a garage on-site. It seems kind of strange that there weren’t any fuses in their garage and that he knew this without having to check.
  • The rear defroster doesn’t work.
  • I was attaching my daughter’s car seat when I noticed that if one looked where the upper and lower parts of the back seat join, you can see a lot of rust behind them. It takes something pretty severe to rust the interior of a car that badly.
  • A lot of the instrument lights either don’t work or work intermittently.
  • The listing says that the car has power seats; but only the driver’s seat is powered.
  • Sometimes the car won’t start. It’s happened to me a few times now, it will turn over; but for some reason the car won’t start.
  • It stalls too. It happened to my wife the other day with a witness in the car. It hasn’t happened to me yet; but at least now I won’t be too surprised.

I’m waiting until noon or until Auto King calls me back before I inform the finance company. From what I’ve read, they’re bound by the same regulations as the dealer since the dealer arranged the financing.

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