Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back Into Cigars

I’m getting back into cigar smoking. It’s a nice way to relax after I put my daughter to bed and I’m trying to wind down from a long day of work. Right now I smoke a cigar every 2 or 3 days except for the weekends when I’ll have one each night. The problem with good cigars is the price. I still have a pretty good stock in my coolerdor though.

My wife doesn’t mind it except for the occasional cigar that she thinks stinks. I’ve yet to discover a method to determine ahead of time whether or not she’ll think a certain cigar stinks.

I’ve been thinking about smoking a pipe once in a while too. I still have my old pipes and a few small pouches of pipe tobacco; I wonder if the tobacco will still be any good since it’s just been sitting in a jar inside the pouches. My problem with pipes is all the effort is takes before, during, and after the smoke. I’ll give it another try or two though.

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