Monday, February 11, 2008

Fatty Pig Fatty

After an injury and having to pause BJJ training due to financial issues, I’ve gotten a bit too fatty-pig-fatty for my tastes. So I decided to drop back down to a bodyweight that I feel comfortable with as well as improve my overall fitness. I half-assed it through January and finally got serious partway through last week. I started things out a few pounds over 180 and as of Friday I was at 178.

Monday through Friday I weigh myself in the morning before I get ready for work. This way I weigh myself at the same time every day. Since daily weight can fluctuate I plug my weight into The Google 15 on my iGoogle page, which gives me a weighted average as well as a little graph.

For food tracking I’ve been using The Daily Plate. I’ve tried both TDP and FitDay and I prefer Daily Plate. It has a better selection of foods and I think their setup is a bit more pleasing to the eye as well as being easier to use.

On the exercise side I’ve been sticking to running outdoors and pull-ups. I’d like to get a gym membership and start lifting weights again; but I refuse to let myself do that until I’m already in a routine of exercising on a regular basis. I don’t want to spend the money until I’m sure that I’d use the membership, especially since most memberships come bundled with long-term contracts.

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