Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Partial Fast to Full Fast

Yesterday I made the switch from a partial fast during the day to a full fast – meaning no food products at all during the fast period just water, coffee, and tea. I wish I could go monk style and add beer to that list. J

Since it was my first day I decided to go with a 16/8 split: a sixteen hour fasting period with an eight hour eating window. I intend to move to an 18/6 split over time.

Things went quite well. I got up at 0615 as usual and had my customary 2 cups of coffee around 1000. I didn’t experience any hunger pangs until 1250 and they were slight. At about 1320 I decided to have a cup of tea and break my fast later than the 1330 time that I had originally planned.

I ended up breaking my fast at 1430 and everything went well. The only hiccup came later that night. I was done with supper by 2000 and I figured I was all set. At 2130 I was logging the day’s intake into The Daily Plate and I was stunned to discover that I had only consumed 1,031 calories. I simply wasn’t comfortable with a number that low so I added a large glass of milk

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