Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UACC Court Case – June 17, 2008

I went through a court session for the case that UACC is bringing against me due to not recognizing a revocation of acceptance on a vehicle that the dealer (Auto King of Grand Rapids a.k.a. Chris Buben a.k.a. liars & cheats) refused to make requisite repairs on.

The lawyer for United Auto Credit Corporation (UACC) is Douglas E. Doornbos. This “man” fits the bill as the stereotypical unscrupulous lawyer who will do anything to win no matter how unethical it might be.

In my case he refused to answer interrogatories or supply me with UACC’s copy of the contract. A month after I sent my interrogatories he sent me a set which I decided not to answer until he answered mine - I naively thought that as a lawyer he wouldn’t purposefully ignore my interrogatories unless it was legal and ethical. Then he had the gall to file a motion against me for not answering his interrogatories AND he tried to get $200 out of me in the process.

His contact info:

Doornbos and Hoeksma

2932 East Paris Ave SE

Grand Rapids MI 49512-1924

Phone: 616-957-4950

Fax: 616-957-3629

Email: doornboshoeksema@i2k.com

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